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Becky Elias

Becky Elias is a Scientist with over 15 years of experience working in wildlife biology, conservation, natural resource science, and oil spill response. She has overseen various projects, including endangered species breeding and recovery, research on dispersant use, oil spill response, and management of large volunteer programs, and has participated in many kinds of activities related to her fields of study.

She has extensive experience with animal husbandry and working with a large variety of species that includes mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects, and particularly enjoys working with species native to the Pacific Northwest. Beyond caring for animals, Becky has helped to develop numerous maintenance protocols directing standards of care for feeding, cleaning, handling, breeding, and disease prevention, that maintain compliance with governing organizations responsible for ensuring quality care of animals while in captivity.

Over the years, she has been involved with various types of wildlife research studies learning to collect many forms of data and keep organized, detailed records. Her experience in research has led to working in technical writing, including manuscript preparation, report writing, protocols, and fact sheets, and she currently teaches a college course in technical writing focusing on manuscript preparation. She also has experience in database creation and management of both research data and personnel files.

Additionally, Becky has developed a strong set of skills in personnel management, working with a wide array of people including volunteers, interns, and staff, and overseeing their initial and ongoing training and general management of keeping them involved in their projects. This includes maintaining a volunteer database of over 1000 people, development, creation, and upkeep of online and in-person training programs, and monitoring people working in potentially hazardous environments and with possibly dangerous wildlife.


EAS offers a dynamic work environment where team members share their diverse knowledge and develop common sense solutions that assist our Clients in achieving their goals. The communication among our team members provides opportunities for learning and growth at all levels and fosters a culture of continual improvement.

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