Environmental Sampling & Data Collection

Environmental Data Collection & Sampling

Data collected during sampling efforts must provide scientifically accurate information on which clients can base a decision related to injury assessment, risk, or compliance.

EAS is known for rapidly determining the aspects of the problem to be considered to create a sampling design, selecting appropriate sample collection and handling methods, and ensuring the amount and type of data collected provide the right information to the client for decision making. EAS’s sampling and data collection expertise focuses on plants, shellfish, mammals, birds, fish, and invertebrates on land and in coastal and inland waters. EAS has or can easily obtain the permits necessary to perform these collections.

Sampling macroinvertebrates 

Soil, sediment, and biotic sampling

Backpack and boat-based electrofishing

Bat monitoring including acoustics and mist netting

A summary of the specialized sampling support we currently offer is provided below.

Surface Water

Groundwater / Porewater

Sediment & Soil


Fish / Shellfish / Other

Coral & Deepwater Communities

Other Biota

Other Sampling & Data Management Services

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