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Dillon Alegre

Project Manager Dillon Alegre

Dillon Alegre is a Biologist with over 7 years of experience in fish and habitat monitoring and restoration. Dillon’s experience includes managing projects, overseeing scientific staff and technicians, habitat analysis, invasive plant surveys, salmonid spawning ground surveys, invertebrate collection, backpack electrofishing, habitat restoration, invasive plant management, environmental compliance review, and fish trapping/tagging.

Areas of study have included a broad range of genera including salmonids, warm water fish, deer, elk, waterfowl, invertebrates, and freshwater mussels. Habitat-based projects have included mitigation and restoration design, implementation and monitoring, invasive plant management, mapping of salmonid spawning areas, and mapping of invasive plant presence.

Skill-sets beneficial to the completion of these studies include the proficient use of Microsoft Office, high-accuracy GPS units (Trimble), and GIS. Dillon also has worked on projects in the field of medical research and is well-versed in various wet lab work and genetics. These projects concluded with the production of detailed, publicly available reports. Dillon has experience with Environmental Assessments including managing Downstream Fish Passage Monitoring projects, conducting Spawning Ground Surveys for Chinook, Biological Assessments, and Endangered Species Act consultations in the Pacific Northwest and Southwestern United States. This work required fostering effective communication between clients and multiple state and federal agencies.

Dillon is also responsible for evaluating projects to ensure that they were conducted in compliance with applicable biological resource protection laws, regulations, and policies.


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