EAS Conducting EIS for Nellis AFB

In support of maintaining regulatory compliance efforts in construction and demolition projects at Nellis Air Force Base (NAFB) in Nevada, EAS is providing environmental documentation, to support the decision-making process. Led by Project Manager Paige Rhodes, the project includes analysis of a range of activities associated with the east side flight line master plan expansion and mission rebalance. Proposed projects evaluated in the EIS include demolition of aging facilities, new facility construction, facility upgrades, facility repair and renovation, utilities upgrades, community living upgrades, infrastructure improvement, recreational upgrades, natural infrastructure management projects, and strategic sustainability performance projects. The proposed action includes the addition of two F-35 Joint Strike Fighter squadrons. Resources evaluated include noise, land use, air quality, geological resources, water resources, biological resources, cultural resources, socioeconomics and environmental justice, infrastructure, hazardous materials and waste, and safety.

As part of the EIS, EAS is conducting two separate surveys for the endangered desert tortoise. Led by Biologist Ron Greene, the surveys cover a combined 1,400 acres. Other project tasks include on-site data collection, coordination of local, state, and federal agencies for data collection, compilation of a stakeholder inventory list, and assistance with interactions between interested parties. EAS will also establish and maintain a complete searchable Administrative Record, including all technical data, expert opinions, completed studies, and other background data that for the basis of an Environmental Assessment.

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