Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS) Services for Real Property Transactions at Creech Air Force Base, NV

EAS conducted Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS) services to Creech Air Force Base (AFB) at three locations in Clark County, Nevada. The goal of the project was to fill resilience gaps identified in the Installation Energy Plan by establishing an alternative primary power solution with additional energy conservation measures. The EBS determined the characterization of the three areas prior development at these sites and established an initial environmental status. EAS assessed the current, past, and historical uses of the properties to document the nature, magnitude, and extent of environmental conditions affecting the properties. The survey identified potential environmental liabilities and satisfied due diligence requirements associated with the properties. The EBS also assessed the health and safety risks associated with a property; to better protect human health and the environment and determine the possible effects of contamination regarding property valuation. This work assisted the AFB in remaining compliant with regulations, including the Comprehensive Environmental Response and Liability Act (CERCLA), in accordance with the ASTM standard.  EAS is providing all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, transportation, and quality control on this project.

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