U.S. Air Force, Environmental Assessment, SERE Training Operations for Fairchild Air Force Base

EAS is producing an analytic Environmental Assessment (EA) including evaluation and documentation of potential environmental impacts associated with continuing SERE training operations for Fairchild Air Force Base (FAFB) in Grant County, Washington. EAS is interpreting and addressing proposed aspects SERE training operations and their compliance with environmental laws and regulations covered by NEPA.

Contract Manager, Paige Rhodes, and Deputy Contract Manager, Kevin Groppe, have extensive experience managing NEPA projects and Environmental Impact Statements and are overseeing project operations. EAS is performing surveys to evaluate vegetation, fish and wildlife, air quality, cultural and biological resources in the training area, particularly those of conservation concern; describe potential project impacts; and recommend mitigation strategies. The process to evaluate archaeological/cultural resources on site includes literature research, a pedestrian survey, and shovel probe tests.

EAS will also conduct vegetation and wildlife surveys and remote sensing within walking transects to document state and/or federally listed wildlife species of concern (e.g.  Ferruginous Hawk) and priority habitats.  All data collected will be analyzed and synthesized into a field survey report, which will include survey methods and results, GIS figures showing transects and resources mapped in the project. EAS is preparing a Tribal Consultation Plan in compliance with AFB Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan (ICRMP) that addresses strategic logistical approaches for conducting government-to-government tribal consultation. EAS is also working with the Secretary of Interior, FAFB NEPA Managers, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and private landowners to perform work across 3,100 acres of sagebrush and sand dunes habitat.

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