U.S. Air Force, Environmental Impact Statement, Nellis Air Force Base

In support of maintaining regulatory compliance for efforts to expand the mission capability at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, EAS is preparing a comprehensive analytic Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that includes all necessary information to evaluate potential impacts from proposed implementation of the Master Plan and Mission rebalance actions at Nellis AFB.

EAS is responsible for development, implementation, and maintenance of project schedules, events, reports, and progress toward completing project objectives.  This includes developing and maintaining a project website while protecting sensitive information. Project tasks include on-site data collection, coordination of meetings and teleconferences, conducting Environmental Impact Analysis Process activities for the preparation of an EIS, thorough public scoping and management, including public meetings and summary reports, environmental Planning Coordination, preparation of a Description of Proposed Action Alternatives, and drafting an EIS to show baseline conditions and Proposed Actions and Alternatives for the following resource areas:

The project also includes a detailed Utility and Infrastructure Assessment to determine the service capacity of current systems, and gap analysis of limitations relative to the estimated requirement or increased demand to provide the necessary level of services to the east side of the flight line. A habitat survey for desert tortoise over 800 acres, and cultural resource survey for 20 areas also are included in the project scope.

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