U.S. Air Force, Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision for the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Housing Privatization

EAS has been subcontracted to provide a wide range of environmental services in support of completing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the privatization of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) Housing. EAS coordinated kick-off conference call/meeting prepared a draft Project Management Plan (PMP). The PMP includes a project schedule, tracking progress, assigning appropriate personnel to complete tasks and deliverables, preforming QA/QC oversight, and preparing monthly progress reports. The monthly project reports summarize the status of current project activities, results of previously identified issues, changes to project team or approach, problem areas, scheduling status, work anticipated to be completed the next month, as well as current and cumulative costs. EAS will update the Internal Draft Final WPAFB Housing EIS and prepare a preliminary Final EIS (FEIS) for government review. The effort to update the internal draft and prepare a preliminary FEIS includes: reviewing comments made and materials developed during the public comment period (summer 2017), and updating the internal draft EIS to address any changes in “alternatives” and “resource impacts” sections since the draft was published. EAS will receive and review all government comments on the Preliminary FEIS and conduct a three-day on-board review at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. All comment resolution made during the on-board review will be tracked and comment matrices will be updated in real-time. EAS will also prepare and participate in a three-day Historic Preservation Mitigations Meeting at WPAFB, to support the integration of required mitigations into the FEIS and initial development of the Mitigation and Monitoring Plan (MMP). This involves EAS NEPA and Cultural Resource specialists coordinating with Air Force points of contact to determine potential participants, scheduling, location, and a meeting agenda. EAS will develop the final EIS and provide copies of the EIS to the Air Force and USACE. EAS will also prepare a draft Record of Decision (ROD) as well as a draft and final notice of availability (NOA) which will be published in six newspapers. EAS will also finalize the ROD based on comments from the government. EAS’s Cultural Resource specialist will develop a Mitigation and Monitoring Plan based on the 2019 Draft Brick Quarters Historic District Mitigation Monitoring Plan (MMP). This MMP will outline how the proponent will execute the mitigation options, identify who will fund and implement the mitigations, and a timeframe for the completion of mitigation. The MMP will also address critical points of review, designated review authorities, conflict resolution procedures, and documentation needs. EAS will work with Air Force representatives to ensure that all materials involved in the decision-making process from July 2018 to the award of this task order are included in the Administrative Record.

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