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Surveying Breeding Areas for Sensitive Toad Species

Assessing frogs and toads along Hanford Reach 

  •  The Department of Energy monitors these anurans on the Hanford Site because they are considered sentinel species and serve as fundamental indicators of ecological health.
  • EAS staff routinely conduct surveys for anurans to help protect sensitive breeding areas from project operations.
  • EAS surveyed known anuran breeding pools on the site to document population status and breeding success.
  • We performed chorus counts to document species present and verify breeding was occurring at pools after they were isolated.
  • This seasonal survey confirmed the continued presence of Woodhouse’s Toad, spadefoot toad, and American bullfrog on the site, consistent with previous monitoring efforts.
  • A total of 96 anurans were documented. We determined that although breeding habits were influenced by river fluctuations, some successful reproduction appeared to be occurring.

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