Environmental Technical Support for the Louisiana National Guard

EAS is providing technical support for fire monitoring for the Louisiana Army National Guard (LAARNG).  EAS, through coordination with LAARNG staff, is establishing a series of 20 sample plots at both Camp Minden and Camp Beauregard. Plot locations will be recorded with a GPS and marked in the center with a metal stake/pipe to facilitate relocation with either a GPS or metal detector. 

At each site, plant community condition and recovery will be determined, with photo documenting of vegetation with GPS identification for future monitoring.  Visual estimates of canopy stratum cover (trees, shrubs, herbaceous, and litter) along with dominant plant species, plant status (native vs. non-native), slope, and aspect of the plot also will be recorded.

EAS is providing project management including initial project coordination, sample plot establishment, field monitoring coordination, submittal of monthly status reports, and a final summary report.

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