Norfolk Naval Shipyard Phase I/II Archaeological Survey & Evaluation

EAS is providing services for a Phase I and Phase II archaeological evaluations of areas adjacent to Quarters I and K (Building 704 or Study Areas) at Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY).  Quarters I and K were built in 1891 and are considered the most significant of the precincts of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard Historic District.  This project is being conducted to comply with Section 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act.


EAS is developing an archaeological work plan and perform background research and review of relevant documents, maps, and pertinent data to determine the likelihood for cultural resources being present within the study area.  The research will include a review of historic records and maps available, previously researched land ownership information, existing utilities, and existing studies to determine the likely presence, location and the nature of any areas of historic sensitivity within or adjacent to the Study Areas.

EAS is excavating shovel test pits (STPs) to conduct an archaeological site evaluation to determine whether resources identified during shovel testing are eligible for the NRHP.  EAS is properly preserving and analyzing any artifacts or ecofacts that are discovered.  Locations of all STPs, excavation units, and site boundaries are recorded using a GPS device and all archaeological discoveries will be documented in accordance with SHPO standards.  EAS is also preparing a Technical Report summarizing the fieldwork and findings of the investigation.

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