Staff Present Research at Oil Spill Prevention Conference

EAS staff recently presented results from a research study examining the impacts of short-term crude oil exposure and removal of oil on leopard frogs (Lithobates pipiens) at the CLEAN PACIFIC conference held in Renton, Washington.  Results from this study have helped to fill in data gaps on the potential impacts crude oil has on amphibian health and provide valuable information to wildlife workers in making informed decisions regarding amphibian response during oil spills.

“CLEAN PACIFIC brings together the tight-knit response community in the Western United States and Canada to address spill prevention, response and remediation matters pertinent to that region’s environmental sensitivities. The goal of CLEAN PACIFIC is to deliver a valuable event that covers region-specific issues that face the Western United States and Canada and offer ample time for attendees to network and cultivate the relationships that are crucial before, during, or after a response” –

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