EAS Continues Surveying The Rocky Reach Reservoir for Flowering Rush

For several years, EAS staff has provided monitoring services for the Chelan PUD for a variety of aquatic invasive species in the Rocky Reach Reservoir, a portion of the Columbia River upstream from the Rocky Reach Dam.  Recently, EAS staff have also begun surveys to search for flowering rush (Butomus umbellatus) to document the spread and identify new plant locations for eradication measures.  Flowering rush is an invasive aquatic plant native to Europe and Western Asia that outcompetes native aquatic plants.  To survey for flowering rush, staff use boats and kayaks to cover aquatic plant beds, known as macrophyte beds, that line the river shore, to look for the distinctive bright green flowering rush stems that grow below the surface of the water, occasionally poking out of the water or lying flat on the surface. 

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