June 2022

ground squirrels

Townsend’s Ground Squirrels on the Hanford Site

EAS has been assisting Hanford Mission Integration Solutions (HMIS) with a conservation project for the Hanford Site.  Townsend’s ground squirrels (Urocitellus townsendii) are a small burrowing rodent found in colonies in native grasslands and shrub-steppe habitat west of the Columbia River in Benton, Yakima, Klickitat, and Kittitas counties.  These small squirrels are only active for …

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eDNA Surveys

EAS staff have been working on conducting eDNA surveys.  Staff collect water samples using a peristaltic pump.  A filter attached to the pump collects whatever is in the water and can be analyzed for the presence of certain species.  Short for environmental DNA, eDNA is nuclear or mitochondrial DNA released from an organism into the …

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Reforestation at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base

EAS is completing a reforestation project of approximately 41 acres at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia as part of our NAVFAC contract.  Project tasks include root raking  and spot piling, chopping, harrowing, purchase, care, and transport of longleaf pine seedlings, and planting seedlings by machine and by hand in certain places.

Oiled Amphibian Research

In 2020, EAS completed research looking at the short-term effects of petroleum exposure on northern leopard frogs.  That research, funded by the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, was used as a source to develop their new protocols for oiled amphibians.  These protocols will help guide spill response professionals when they encounter oiled amphibians.

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